Hall of Fame Inductee - 1901 Football Team

They had no nickname-they wore the colors of lemon and white-they were the best high school football team in Illinois. This group of quiet heroes represented Quincy Senior High in the year 1901. Lead by Arthur "Pot" Pfeiffer, Roy and Otho Arnold, Curry Potter, Don and bob McFadon, Louis Cook, Gerald Finley, Clarence Tompkins, V.G. Musselman, Charles Rump and Bill Brent, this Quincy team was all but undiscovered until a newspaper article shed light on what had been a State Champion effort---100 years ago. Little is known about the team, the schedule or the record other than this Quincy team defeated Champaign 17-0 on a Thanksgiving afternoon to capture the 1901 State Championship.

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