Hall of Fame Inductee - 1935 Football Team

The 1935 Quincy High Football Team set the standard by becoming the first team in the school's history to go undefeated during the regular season. Their schedule that year included Roodhouse, Jacksonville ISD, Macomb, Keokuk, Kirksville, Ft. Madison, Pittsfield, Rock Island and Hannibal. They outscored their opponents 230-19.


The Players:

Bill Baily - Team Captain
Jack Crocker - All-State
Bob Fitch - Watson Cup Winner
Jim Kelley
Walter Lugering
Roy Phillips
Frank Smith
Howard Willer
Bill Black
Leroy Dunker
Richard Jontz
Don Koch
Lyle Phillips
Pete Rineberg
Everett Turner
Charles Wilper
Glen Stock

The Coaching Staff:

Grover Kerr - Head Coach
F. Morgan Taylor - Assistant
Fred Barnes - Assistant
Charles Center - Assistant
Lewis Caswell - Assistant
Carl Lutman - Assistant


Wayne Waters

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