Hall of Fame Inductee - 1959 Football Team

Football was alive and well in Quincy during the decade of the 50s-but especially in 1958. Lead by All-American Leroy Nothnagel, John Fischer, Earl Simmons and Ron Maddox, Quincy posted an impressive record of 7 wins against just 1 loss. Fischer was extremely impressive on the offensive side of the ball, scoring 14 of the teams 20 touchdowns. After opening the season with a 13-6 loss to Keokuk, the Devils rattled off wins over Webster Grove, Alton, Mattoon, and Peoria Central. They closed out the year with wins over Decatur Macarthur, Stephen Decatur and Decatur Eisenhower-out-scoring the Decatur schools 70-19. Head Coach Clell Wade, who was assisted by John Fish and Dale Hendren, had a number of outstanding players to call upon including Gail Triplett, Alan Mallory, Floyd Gentry, Mike Happ, Mick Mehaffy, Dave Koury and Clarance Melton.

Team Members:

Leroy Anderson, John Fischer, Floyd Gentry, Ron Griep, Stan Hall, Mike Happ, Keith Humphrey, Barry Kessell, Dave Koury, Ron Maddox, Alan Mallory, Terry McClean, Mick Mehaffy, Clarence Melton*, Leroy Nothnagel, Tyrone Oliver, Roy Points, Don Rodenhizer, Earl Simmons, Dick Sturhahn, Gail Triplett, Ken Whaley, Mgr.

William Anders, J. Anderson, E. Barnes, Stuart Bell, Bill Black, Will Clark, D. Clay, Larry Clemens, Tom Davis, Mike Deege, Norm Dicks, Bill Ecton, Dennis Gorman, Lee Grannan, Rob Groves, Whit Hamann, Dave Harvey, Jim Hastings, Richard Holzgraefe, Roger Hultz, Terry Lovelace, R. Mike McFarland, Stan McKelvie, Jim McKenzie, Mgr., Dennis Morrall, David Reinberg, Neil Rellim, Pete Schelp, Bernie Sharpe, Mike Simmons, Richard Torbeck, Mgr., Ron Wear, Bill Wilson

David Happ, Robert Kelley, Bobby Joe Scheiter

Clell Wade, Dale Hendren, John Fish

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