Hall of Fame Inductee - Dean & Nancy Selvy

Dean and Nancy Selvy are as constant as the full house at Blue Devil Gym on Friday nights are. For the past 3 decades the Selvy's have given of themselves in many ways. They've conducted bake sales, basketball tournaments, worked the ticket booth, given rides and, in general, touched the lives of just about everyone connected with Quincy High sports. And it's not just basketball. The Selvy's have given time to the Soccer, Volleyball, Football and Swimming programs. And they've contributed time to the Cheerleaders, Pom Pon squad, Sports Scholarships and the Little Devil Program. But there's more. Dean Selvy played a large part in the construction of the Quincy High Sports Hall of Fame. In addition to serving as the committee's secretary, he helped design and build the woodwork and cabinets you see there. The word "No" is not in the Selvy vocabulary. Nancy Selvy is a lifelong resident of Quincy; Dean came here in 1946. She enjoyed a 22 year career at Sears; he gave Huck Manufacturing 45 years of his life. The Selvy's are the parents of three and the grandparents of eight. But their family includes those of us connected with Quincy High Sports. There's always an extra smile or kind word available from Dean and Nancy. While many have given over the years, few have given of themselves like Dean and Nancy Selvy.

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