Hall of Fame Inductee - Debby Bradshaw

Timing, dedication and teamwork comprise the foundation of any successful program. No one knows that better than Debby Bradshaw. As the mentor of one of the state's most successful programs for over 2 decades, Bradshaw's Pommers adopted her work ethic. Six a.m. practices are the norm for this program as are long hours of practice, performances and fund raising. These ladies work hard and the results have been fantastic. In addition to entertaining crowds during half time of home sports events, Bradshaw's Q-City Pommers made a name for themselves state- wide. To date her squad has collected a total of 4 State Championships and has consistently placed in the top three since the competition's inception in 1988. Bradshaw has encouraged a number former Pommers to take their talent to the next level-with several ladies performing with college dance teams and one currently performing with the Chicago Luvabulls. A Graduate of Western Illinois University, Bradshaw is also certified in Learning Disabilities education through Quincy College. She has been a regional representative to the Illinois Drill Team Association for six years and on the IDTA Board of Directors four of those years. Bradshaw and her husband, Steve, are the parents of three children---daughter Erin, and sons Brian and Kevin.

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