Hall of Fame Inductee - Dick & Mae Shierling

Dick and Mae Shierling came to Quincy in 1964, with two little daughters and a son on the way, to buy a little red- and white-tiled restaurant called McDonald’s. By late summer, they sponsored and Dick coached their first Park District baseball team. Their sponsorship eventually grew until they were sponsoring 16 teams by the mid-’70s. Dick and Mae were active in starting QUAC — Quincy United Athletic Club — in 1978. QUAC borrowed and repaid money, quite literally resurrecting the athletic programs for grades 7-12 in the Quincy Public Schools. In the first year, QUAC funded the entire program at QJHS, including coaches’ salaries, and donated more than $22,000 to QHS. In 1974, they bought and refurbished a fire truck, making it available to schools for fire truck rides with QHS all-stater Larry Moore as the driver. A picture of Dick, the fire truck and about 100 kids was featured on the centerfold of the bicentennial issue of Life magazine. The Shierlings were involved in arranging for teammates to attend the all-American games of our three all-Americans — Jim Wisman, Michael Payne and Bruce Douglas. In 1983, they helped establish the McDonald’s/Herald-Whig Classic, an annual basketball showcase that pits the top senior boys and girls from area schools in Illinois and Missouri against each other. Dick and Mae have worked countless concession stands, sold pizzas, organized soup suppers, helped fund summer camps and sent local athletes to summer camps. If you’ve ever wondered if the Shierlings were involved, just look for the Golden Arches.

Acceptance Speech

"It is with great humility that we accept our selection to the Hall of Fame to represent the scores and scores of great fans. Those great fans are a Quincy tradition. Quincy is blessed not only with super fans, but also with excellence in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. A superb place to live and to rear a family. To bask in th glory of those who have been here before is indeed a great honor. Thank you all."

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