Hall of Fame Inductee - Dick Wentura

Dick Wentura is as much a part of the Quincy High Basketball program as Baldwin Gym itself. In some respects, this man could be classified as "Father Time." Wentura, who graduated in 1958, earned a number of varsity letters while at Quincy High, but is being inducted into the Hall of Fame for his work at the official scorers table. While still a senior in high school Wentura first began running the scoreboard clock as a favor to the then varsity basketball coach, Howard Dewell. When the varsity games were moved to the 30th and Maine St. facility in the late 1950's, Wentura came along with the package. His position in new Baldwin Gymnasium was in the southwest corner of the facility, in a press box that was converted into an emergency fire exit in the late 1980's. He occupied that seat until the scoreboard controls were re-located to their present position in1970. With the exception of a brief respite, Dick Wentura has been a fixture at the scorer's table, making sure that time doesn't stand still. Wentura has had, as he calls it, "the best seat in the house." His winning smile and good nature is a welcome addition to the position he holds as Quincy's "Official Time Keeper." His work, along with that of his peers at the scorer's table, are another positive aspect of Quincy's great basketball tradition.

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