Hall of Fame Inductee - Don Seger

Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Whitey Ford, and Pete Rose all called on Don Seger at one time or another during their careers. They told him where it hurt--and they expected him to make it better. And he did. Don Seger was an integral part of 2 World Champion teams--the 1962 New York Yankees and the 1980 Philadelphia Phillies. And while you never saw his name in a box score, you saw his craftsmanship game in and game out. Don Seger was a trainer in the major leagues. This 1953 QHS graduate got his start under the direction of Head Coach George Latham. He learned his craft while still in high school, working summers for the Quincy Gems in the old Three I league. after collecting a degree from Illinois State Normal University, Seger worked in the minors and saw some military time--before moving up to the Yankees as Assistant Trainer in 1962. He stayed in the Big Apple until 1969 when he was appointed Head Trainer of the Philadelphia Phillies. That 12 year run was a great one for Seger and the Phillies. In addition to being named as the National League All-Star Trainer in 1976, Seger watched his Phillies capture 4 Eastern Division titles and 1 World Championship. Seger also worked as an Associate Trainer for the U.S. Pro Indoor Tennis Championships for over 20 years. He retired from the major leagues after over 30 years service. Don and his wife Polly are the parents of 2 children. The Segers retired to Williamsburg, Virginia in 1995.

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