Hall of Fame Inductee - George Spear

There are faces one expects to see at Quincy athletic events. George Spear has one of those faces. A consummate sports fan, Spear has provided many a helping hand and given many hours of his life to the Quincy High sports cause. A mainstay on the Quincy High Thanksgiving Tournament committee, Spear twice served as tournament chairman and was ticket coordinator since the early 1970's. In fact, no one sold more tickets to the Quincy High Thanksgiving Tournament than our George Spear. An avid fan, Spear was a fixture at the Illinois State Basketball Tournament. Whether as a fan, as a proud parent, with his grandchildren, or, as in the decade of the 60's, as a statistician for his good friends Mel and El Tappe, George Spear was there. His devotion to the game of basketball earned him a spot in the Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame as a friend of the sport. He's been described by some as "the kid who never grew up" by his youngest son as "the biggest kid I know." George Spear is a man who looks at the sport, whatever it may be and takes it for what it is a game.

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