Hall of Fame Inductee - Gus Traeder

Gus Traeder was one of those special men who had the ability to look at a situation and make the right move. One of the founding fathers in the national carting scene, and a member of the PKA Hall of Fame, the Traeder name is recognized nationwide. Gus put Quincy on the carting map, by creating the now famous Miller Gran Prix Carting Classic in Quincy's South Park in the early 1970's. Years later, Traeder took carting to the streets of Quincy's main street area with the Uptown Carting Classic. A tireless worker and 30 year supporter of the Quincy Blue Devil program, Gus Traeder put forth many man hours with various groups on behalf of the program, including the Thanksgiving Holiday Tournament committee. Blue Devil basketball fans benefited from Traeder's generosity in the late 1970's when he donated the scoreboard which decorates the gym's south wall. It was, in it's day, one of the most ultra modern scoreboards in use in the state of Illinois. His devotion to the program and the program's long success went hand in hand. One of the true friends of sports, Gus Traeder's name and efforts will be long remembered.

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