Hall of Fame Inductee - Jean & Ed Schuette

Quincy sports have been fortunate to have had great support over the years. The fans and the program are legendary. The friends of the program have been extraordinary. As is the case with Jean and Ed Schutte. To put it simply, the Schutte's are family. Whether it's cleaning, cooking, helping to promote or selling programs, the Schutte's just ask what they can do--and then do it some more. During the summer Jean and Ed are on hand to drive players and families to sporting events--during the season they're always baking treats, selling Blue Devil items or lending a hand as only they can. Ed Schutte has anchored the Thanksgiving Holiday Tournament Honorary Coaches Committee for a number of years and kept the Hall of Fame Room open to the public during the season. The Schuttes are tireless and dedicated. And we love them for it.

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