Hall of Fame Inductee - Mike Moyers

Few people get a chance to do exactly what they want to do with their lives. Mike Moyers is one of the lucky ones. Influenced by Jack Buck and Harry Caray, Moyers knew at the age of seven he wanted to be a play-by-play announcer. Nineteen years later, he got that chance. Teaming with Jeff Dorsey on Blue Devil games for WTAD, Moyers reached out and attempted to do play-by-play of everything imaginable — including girl’s softball and bowling. He learned to broadcast soccer under Bill Schelen and in no time became one of the best in the state. Moyers was recognized as the Media Man of the Year in 1985 by the Illinois High School Soccer Coaches Association — the same year his local radio show received a national award from Professional Bowlers Association. In 1987, Moyers moved to WGEM and became the anchor play-by-play voice for the Blue Devil Basketball program — teaming with both Rob Groves and Jim Roberts. After leaving WGEM in 1990, Moyers was asked by WQCY to cover Blue Devil basketball. Moyers, together with life long friend, Jeff Hibbert, jumped at the chance. Eight years later, the Moyers and Hibbert team began broadcasting Blue Devil basketball on KZZK FM — and the listeners and sponsors followed. After more than 400 Blue Devils games and 13 seasons as a team, Moyers and Hibbert hung up the headphones in January 2002. During his 23-year broadcast career, Moyers amassed more than 1,500 play-by-play broadcasts, including 33 Illinois state tournaments in various sports. In 1999 he was inducted as a broadcaster into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame. For 23 years, the voice of Mike Moyers filled the airwaves with the exploits of hundreds of Blue Devil players — on five different local stations, a feat no one has done before or since. Mike, his wife, LeAnn, son, Jimmy, and daughters, Avry Lynn and Katie, reside just outside of Ursa. He is the Senior Vice President of the STARadio Corporation and General Managers of stations WTAD AM, KGRC FM, WCOY FM, WQCY FM and KZZK FM.

Acceptance Speech

"Many heartfelt thanks to those who’ve supported me these many years. Special thanks to Gary Hesse, Jeff Dorsey, Mike Lawrence, Jeff Myers, Leo Henning, Loren Wallace and Pam Hunt. And a big hug to my partner — Jeff Hibbert. To have been trusted with telling the story of the finest high school basketball team in the land — and having had the best seat in the house from the Douglas and Payne years through the J.D. Summers era — is more than I deserve. I am humbled by, and most appreciative of, this recognition. Thank You."
Mike Moyers

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