Hall of Fame Inductee - Mike Schuttler

The term "A Friend of Sports" best describes Mike Schuttler. So do the terms "tireless worker, determined fund raiser", and most of all, "true Blue Devil fan." Active in the Thanksgiving Holiday Tournament committee since it's creation in 1970, and a past chairman, Schuttler has been a champion for Quincy athletics of all shapes and sizes. He served as the chairman of the team breakfast from day one starting in 1985 and had a hand in creating the Holiday Tournament Board of Directors. However, this Hall of Fame is where Schuttler did his best work. He was one of the principal members of the Hall of Fame committee, serving as its chairman from the get go. He helped create the format used to induct the new members and designed a special pin awarded to each inductee. Against numerous challenges, Schuttler pushed for the Hall of Fame room itself working tirelessly to raise the funds. He then put in the long hours to paint and decorate the facility itself. If there have been special donations made to the Blue Devil program, whether it be new scoreboards, a new floor, uniforms whatever chances are Mike Schuttler had a hand in raising the funds necessary. While there are many who talk a good game, Mike Schuttler was one who backed up his words with sweat, dedication and hard work. It's for those reasons the term "A Friend of Sports" has the meaning it does today. Mike was inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association (IBCA) Hall of Fame in April 1999.

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