Hall of Fame Inductee - Monte Krogman

 In acceptance ...

It is an honor to be selected to the QHS Hall of Fame. I want to start by thanking the Hall of Fame committee for this nomination. Next, I want to thank my former Blue Devil baseball teammates and only HS baseball coach, Coach Mike Hellenthal, who I played for all 4 years and was a great teacher of the game. Finally, I want thank my parents, late Uncle Robert & late Grandma Krogman for their support from Little League to pro ball. I will always be grateful for the dedication and sacrifices they made to support my dream of playing this great game of baseball at the highest level. 

Quincy, Ill., is definitely a basketball town. Yes, I played basketball for the Blue Devils and was aware of the great traditions, however, I always had baseball in my genes and blood. Like many kids, it was always a dream to play in the big leagues. I remember going to Busch Stadium as a kid and being awed by the stadium and players. We would get there an hour or two before the game just to watch batting practice. Once the game was over I forced my parents, brother and sister to stay hours after the game just to catch a glimpse of the players as they left the stadium and possibly get an autograph. After the Cards played the Expos in the early 80’s, we waited for the players to leave after the game…Gary Carter was signing autographs in the front seat of their charter bus. I was in line patiently awaiting and hoping a chance for his autograph, however got pushed into the bus by a mob of fans and was face to face with Hall of Famer, Gary Carter. He signed the ball, but I was speechless. Well, 6 years later “or so” I found myself throwing bullpen during spring training in Port St. Lucie, Fla., to guess who, yes Gary Carter. 

I was fortunate to play with many great players during my short career in the NY Mets organization. Many of the players went on to stellar big league careers and are still great friends of mine. Injuries halted my dreams, but what a great opportunity and experience! Baseball is a game that every kid can play … one doesn’t have to be 7 feet tall or be a world class sprinter. It is the best game ever invented and I was fortunate to be blessed with a fastball that opened many doors, not only in baseball, but in my professional career after baseball.

I am privileged and delighted my wife and 3 boys are able to travel with me back to Quincy for this special occasion. Quincy was a great place to grow up and love showing my sons where it all began. Now, it is time to pay it forward. Thanks again, QHS!

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