Hall of Fame Inductee - Penny Lewis

In order to be a true teammate-in order to be a great coach-an individual must be a good listener and a giving person. Giving is what Penny Lewis is all about. She gave her all on the court for the Lady Devils, providing leadership and skill during a four-year varsity career.

After graduating from QHS in 1982, Lewis attended Hill Junior College where her play earned her additional time at the University of Texas at Arlington. She was a starter there, averaging 10 points and 9 rebounds per game.

After earning her B.A. in the spring of 1987, Lewis assumed the duties of assistant coach at U.T.A. She was there for three seasons before moving on to the University of Pacific. A short time later Lewis was selected as the head varsity coach at Quincy University-a position she held for four seasons before moving back to the Division I level-Lamar University as an assistant coach. Penny Lewis was truly one of the finest athletes Quincy has produced in its history.

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