Hall of Fame Inductee - Betty Jones

Betty Jones and her husband, John, moved to Quincy with their 3-year-old son, Bill, in Nov. 1963, and it didn’t take long for them to became active with the schools, the boy scouts, and sports activities. In 1978, Betty was elected treasurer of the Quincy United Athletic Club (QUAC). QUAC was formed to promote,
support, assist and encourage the seventh through 12th grade athletic programs in the Quincy Public Schools. QUAC rescued the athletic programs in the Quincy Public Schools when they faced a financial crunch were eliminating programs. In 1978, QUAC funded the entire junior high program and donated $22,800 to the high school athletic department. QUAC members donated time selling and taking tickets as well as working concession stands at athletic events. Fourteen sports were “saved.” Since 1978, with Jones serving as treasurer, over $100,000 has been donated to the QHS athletic department for team uniforms, equipment, supplies, etc. QUAC members have donated countless hours to support the athletic programs in the Quincy Public Schools.

Acceptance Speech

“I would like to thank the QHS Hall of Fame committee for honoring me. It has been a pleasure to serve as treasurer for the Quincy Athletic Club (QUAC) since 1978. “I have enjoyed working with the many generous members of the community to meet the needs of our youth. Without the continued support of Quincy sports fans, we could not have kept the athletic programs going strong in the Quincy Public Schools. “I humbly accept this honor for all those whose generous support of
QUAC through the years has provided much needed funding for the outstanding young men and women in our community. “Thank you for this great honor.”

— Betty Jones

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